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 C.A. Götz jr.

C.A.GOTZ JR.  ***Creating music since 1884***

C.A.GOTZ JR.  ***Creating music since 1884***Bögen/Bows
C.A.GOTZ JR.  ***Creating music since 1884***Kinnhalter/Chinrests
C.A.GOTZ JR.  ***Creating music since 1884***Saitenhalter/Tailpiece
C.A.GOTZ JR.  ***Creating music since 1884***Werkzeuge/Tools
C.A.GOTZ JR.  ***Creating music since 1884***Gitarren/Guitars
C.A.GOTZ JR.  ***Creating music since 1884***Saiten/Strings
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C.A. Götz jr
Großhandel - Produktion für Musikinstrumente und Zubehör seit 1884


Landwüster Str. 17
08258 Wernitzgrün / Markneukirchen
Deutschland / Germany

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In 1884 Conrad August Götz jr. founded his company in Wernitzgrün, near Markneukirchen in the state of Saxony in Germany, which has been the traditional center of musical instrument hand-crafting for over 300 years.  He began with the manufacture of strings for musical instruments and rosin, which soon became famous among musicians and music dealers.  Production of stringed instruments followed, and the complete range of accessories, bows, cases and tone woods, in cooperation with many independent local craftsmen. 

The range of products increased considerably to include wind and fretted instruments, mouth harmonicas and zithers.  The company flourished, dealing with makers and music stores throughout Germany and Europe, and extending their exports worldwide.

 The office, factory building and private house were confiscated by the communist regime in 1953, and the family Bohemian and East German instrument makers, who settled in the nearby village of Bubenreuth, which became a new center for the music industry in Germany after 1950.

  The original property was returned to the Götz family a few years after the reunification of Germany. Following a period of extensive renovation and alterations, all business operations were transferred from Erlangen to Wernitzgrün in January 2000.

 Klaus Götz is the sole owner and director of C. A. Götz jr.  Karlheinz Götz has retired.